Why Is Security Important In Development? 7 Reasons

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Security is an essential aspect of software development that should be taken seriously by developers and engineers. Here are some reasons why security is important in development.

Prevents damage

Software security is critical because a malware attack can cause extreme damage to any piece of software while compromising integrity, authentication, and availability. If programmers take this into account in the programming stage and not afterwards, damage can be stopped before it begins.

Reduces business risks

Improved software performance, reduced business risks, reduced costs for software flaw detection and fixes, and ongoing compliance with laws and regulations are some benefits of secure software development.

Protects Information

Security in software development involves taking precautions that safeguard all the information used throughout the project flow and producing high-quality IT products purged of data-threatening bugs, code loopholes, and software design blunders.

Ensures compliance

Cybersecurity helps to ensure that the software being developed is secure and compliant with security regulations.

Security in Development as a smaller part of GDPR

Improves software quality

Secure software development ensures that the software satisfies the unique requirements of an organization for flawless operation.

Prevents future changes

Software security vulnerabilities must be taken care of before the software is deployed and sent to end-users. If vulnerabilities are not addressed in the development stage, substantial changes may be required in future updates, which most companies prefer to avoid.

Protects people’s livelihoods

Security is fundamental to people’s livelihoods, reducing poverty and achieving the Millennium Development Goals. It relates to a person and state’s safety.

In summary, security is important in software development because it helps prevent damage, reduces business risks, protects information, ensures compliance, improves software quality, prevents future changes, and protects people’s livelihoods.


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