The Future of Software Engineering

Imagine a world where the boundaries of technological innovation are constantly being pushed, where the impossible becomes possible. At the forefront of this revolution is Devin AI, a groundbreaking innovation by a leading AI lab based in the US, Cognition. This isn’t just another advancement; it’s a game-changer, redefining our understanding of software engineering and […]

Serving Success: EPSza’s Year-End Celebration at Africa Padel

Ever wondered what happens when you mix the thrill of sports with the spirit of teamwork? EPSza’s year-end function at Africa Padel was just that – a perfect blend of competition, camaraderie, and celebration. It wasn’t just any ordinary day out of the office. Joined by our comrades from MathU Teaching Emporium, we embarked on […]

EPSza’s Growing Team: Welcoming New Faces

Exciting times are upon us as we proudly announce a significant milestone in our journey – the expansion of our EPSza team. This month, we are thrilled to introduce four new outstanding individuals who have joined us, each bringing unique skills and perspectives to our dynamic workforce. The growth of our team serves as a […]